Noble Academy Cleveland

1200 E 200th Street, Euclid OH 44117 | Telephone: (216)486-8866 | Fax: (216) 486-2846

At Noble Academy Cleveland (NAC) we are a K-8 public, charter school located in Euclid, Ohio. We began our charter school as a small charter school in 2006 and have since grown to an enrollment of approximately 440 students.  With small class sizes we create a safe, personalized learning environment.  

NAC is a part of a larger network, known as Concept Schools. Created in 1999, Concept Schools use their expertise in STEM-focused, college prep to create effective charter public where innovative school designs create an exceptional learning environment for the students.  

While NAC is a part of the bigger network of Concept Schools, we are also sponsored Buckeye Community Hope Foundation. Thriving for over 20 years, Buckeye Hope is a non-profit corporation that creates new opportunities for those who need it the most throughout the community. The Mission of the Education Division of Buckeye Community Hope Foundation is to establish strong public community schools by adhering to quality authorizing practices, ensuring responsible oversight, and setting high standards for school performance.

Here at NAC, students’ studies are rich in math, science, and technology. We are preparing our students to be bold inquirers, problem solvers, ethical leaders with skills ready for secondary (and post-secondary) education. We also offer a variety of additional studies, including: language arts, social studies, foreign languages, technology, music, art, character education and physical education.

We promote core values to guide all members of the school community: respect, responsibility, integrity, courage, curiosity, and effort here at NAC. With these core values, we believe we can foster an environment of inquiry and a love of learning that will only help out students succeed and thrive in school, college, and the world.

One of our goals is to create a school culture that fosters meaningful, sustained relationships between teachers, students, and parents. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to a rigorous education that fosters the drive for excellence. In doing so, we provide a personalized learning experience. We prepare our students for college by giving them high expectations and strong support from the staff.

Our students’ learning is assessed every 6-9 weeks, where we then use the data to determine their progress and adapt accordingly. This ensures that our students have a rich learning experience where they won’t fall behind.

Student engagement is encouraged at NAC. We offer after school clubs, sports programs, and school wide events throughout the school year. Local, national, and international trips, cultural exchange programs, and summer and winter camps are also offered at Noble Academy Cleveland. This not only encourages student involvement, but also community, staff, and parent involvement.

At Noble Academy Cleveland, we not only instill a passion for learning in our students, but we help them realize the importance of being community leaders, professionals, and good citizens.


Students participating in Noble Academy’s annual Science Fair.