Recognition & Awards

3 Years rated Excellent by the Ohio Department of Education with one year rated
Excellent with Distinction:
– 2010-2011- Excellent
– 2009-2010- Excellent with Distinction
– 2008-2009- Excellent
– OACPS 2010-2011 Excellence Award
– OACPS Best Innovative Practice Award
– FLL Hathaway Brown Regional Programming Award  2009
– FLL Hathaway Brown Judges Award 2010
– Yearly Participation in the CONSEF (Concept Science and Engineering Fair)


Noble was recognized at the 2011 OACPS Conference in December. In reference to receiving the award, Marianne Lombardo, VP of School Performance and Accountability at OACPS writes:

“On behalf of the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools, allow me to personally congratulate you and your school on your 2010-2011 school year success!  Your effort has been extraordinary and your results show it.  To you and your team, great job!

As you may know, quality charter school success is what we’re all about at OAPCS.  Every year, we take time at our annual state conference to recognize the success of charter schools across Ohio.  This year is no different.  We want you to be there to be recognized in front of all of your peers for the work that you do every day.”

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