Officially Excellent Again

Noble officially excellent again!

State recently released official report card for schools. As expected, Noble became excellent again. It is with great pride that we celebrate Noble Academy’s rating of Excellence from the Ohio Department of Education for the fourth year in a row.  We are so proud of our students’ hard work and dedication towards their education.  Our teachers and staff exceeded our expectations and continued to do a wonderful job in 2011-2012.  Last year, they were wholly responsible for creating a culture and environment conducive to learning and thinking at high levels as they were in past three years. That is why NAC managed to be an Excellent school again.  NAC’s success is a testament to their long hours and passionate commitment  to the students of NAC. 

At NAC, we believe that student achievement depends on these two factors mostly: quality instruction and support system. Our educational model does provide quality instruction that allows each student to monitor the progress with the teacher’s constructive feedback. It also holds each student responsible for the learning.  The support system we have develops confidence and makes all students feel that they are a valuable member of the community. Students are truly our motivation.



Picture (left to right): Mr. Calinger-Sponsor representative, Mr. Hakan-Noble Principal, Ms. Young-Director of Education Division of the Sponsor Buckeye Community Hope foundation. Noble received $1500 and a certificate from its sponsor.