Noble Visited Mayor of Euclid

On April 11, Noble Academy’s 7th grade students visited Mayor Cervenik at the Euclid Municipal Center. The 7th graders met with Mayor Cervenik in the Hall of Presidents, and had the opportunity to talk and ask him many questions. Mayor Cervenik personally showed the students the new solar panel technology and its effective use of energy. Then the students were taken on a tour by the Mayor, who showed them his office, even allowing the students to sit at his desk and take pictures! The students were also able to see a Euclid court room, learn about the courtroom proceedings from a Prosecutor, and sit in the jury box. On their way out, Mayor Cervenik gave out souvenir pens to the students. The 7th grade class was specifically chosen to experience this field trip because of their overall high test scores on the latest CSAT; they were very appreciative of the tour and the Mayor’s time, and reflected later on the exciting aspects of the Mayor’s day, the workings of the city, and, according to Mayor Cervenik, the little things that make the days enjoyable.