Mission & Vision



To foster an environment that ignites independent and collaborative inquiry, through a rigorous, comprehensive education, so that students are confidently prepared for high school, college and beyond.


Students will positively impact the global society through an unrivaled commitment to life-long learning.

Core Values

Noble Cleveland promotes six core values to guide its interactions with all members of the school community:

  1. Respect – All members of the school community (students, parents, and staff) have equal worth and should be treated with respect.
  2. Responsibility – All people have choices, and teachers, parents, and students should be responsible for their actions.
  3. Integrity – Belonging to a community requires a commitment to the common good. The community is stronger when everyone can be counted upon to be honest and trustworthy.
  4. Courage – Having the courage to try new things expands minds and causes students, parents, and staff to reach beyond their own expectations.
  5. Curiosity – The ability to wonder and to create connections stimulates further learning. Inquiry will be fostered on the part of parents, staff, and students.
  6. Effort – Success is accomplished when students, family, and staff are willing to do what it takes to accomplish their vision of the future.



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