How We Started…

A History of Excellence:

Noble Academy’s path of EXCELLENCE began in 2006 with just 68 students and their families. Located on 200th street, in the former St. Paul’s School, we quickly established a presence in the community. Determined to benefit the community, students, and families, NAC (Noble Academy Cleveland) recognized the need for an EXCELLENT school that offered a high academic standard in addition to a safe and distraction free classroom environment. Embracing our commitment to education, we discovered a community of students and families who were also eager to begin their path  of  EXCELLENCE. Our founding director, Mr. Kose, prepared a staff committed to high academic standards and achievements. Three years later (2009-2010), the school building was filled with 230 students. Mr. Kose promised the families, students, and community in 2006 that NAC would be a school of excellence in three years. Hard work, dedication, and commitment facilitated that promise to come true. Noble Academy Cleveland received an EXCELLENT rating on the first issued report card from ODE (2008-2009).

The success and achievements continued and, during 2009-2010 school year, Noble Academy was amplified with further accomplishments from our dedicated and talented students and staff. The Noble Techno Team competed in the First Lego League Robotics Competition which consisted of 30 other schools (mostly higher end privately based schools). The Techno Team earned Best Programming Award, 2nd best over-all score, and an invitation to the State Competition in Dayton, Ohio. Students also competed in CONSEF, a Science Fair held by Concept Schools, and earned a number of Gold and Silver awards based on their Science Projects. At the end of the year, ODE had released the official report-card for the 2009-2010 School Year. Noble Academy Cleveland earned the grade equivalent to an A+; An Excellent with Distinction rating! This remarkable achievement had highlighted Noble Academy as the only Charter/Community school in Ohio to receive the Excellent with Distinction rating.

Since the beginning, Noble Academy has been among the shining stars of schools in North East Ohio. We not only instill a passion for learning in our students, but we help them realize the importance of being community leaders, professionals, and good citizens. Throughout the years, we have expanded education outside of the classroom and given our students the opportunity of hands-on learning. We have had numerous professionals and political figures visit our school to encourage students and brighten their futures, giving them ideas to set up their future for success. Our students have even traveled and met important political figures like Senator Sherrod Brown and President Barack Obama. As the school grows, we will continue to work hard to be the best we can be and offer an EXCELLENT education.

Graciously, Noble Academy appreciates the dedication and commitment received from the staff, students, families, and community friends. Without the hard work and enthusiasm of everyone involved, NAC would not be the EXCELLENT school that it is. We are truly on the path of excellence, and our students have received the biggest gift of all, a successful future and academic success.

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