From:Noble Academy Students To:US Senator Sherrod Brown

From: Noble Academy Students

“This school is a good school. The teachers are great, I love this school. We have so many memories at this school. The school is not like other schools, we have different cultures here.” Alexis Williams


“This is a good school, it is important to keep this school open. Students come here from different schools to get a good education.” Rayquan Pittman


“We love our school and the things we learn, please do not close down our school” Marcus Long


“Noble Academy Cleveland is an awesome charter school, all the teachers here are the best teachers in the whole world. I think it is fun at the same time, we learn while having fun. It is an excellent school.”Anastasiya Thomas


“Noble Academy is a wonderful school, we have good lunches at school too. The school is clean all the time. When visitors come, they think the school is excellent. The school has nice teachers and staff. The school has good clubs for the students to join.” Zharria Fleetwood


“It is a great school and has great teachers. I am learning a lot more here than other schools. I know things high school students are learning.” Andrea Johnson


“We have clubs and highly trained teachers, the students are good and learn a lot. We have a no tolerance policy for behavior, we also have security cameras all over the school.” Ronald Coleman


“I love this school, Noble Academy is a great school, it has a lot of activities here. When something happens we have some one to go to.” Dynasty Moorer


“I liked this school because it helped me learn my math by giving me the tools I needed to learn. I studied all thru the weekend. Noble Academy helps me learn and become motivated to learn more. It is a wonderful place to learn.” RayVion Marks


“I am reading on a 7th grade level but am in the 4th grade. I love science and social studies, and all of my classes.” Phillip Allen


“I understand more things than I ever have at different schools. My education is getting better and better by the minute. There are cameras all over the school to keep us secure and protected.” Lauryn Woodruff


“I really love this school because it’s bringing up my education and my grades are getting better and better. My reading strategies are amazing to me and I’m reading tons of books every day. I love reading ever since I came to Noble Academy. This is a great school.” Keayna Thomas


“I love this school because they have taught me so much, Noble Academy has made a real difference in my education because they are teaching me more and more things.” Demero Moorer


“My teachers support me, and help me with home work, word problems, and division. This school is helping me change for the better.” Richelle Zerman


“ I love my school because it is helping me with my education, it is making a difference. This school is better than any other school I have been to. I like my school because it is helping me be a smarter person.” Jaylen Hammett


“I’m learning much more in all of my subjects, since going here I have improved in math, science, social studies, and reading. I learned a lot since coming to Noble Academy a year ago.” Steven Lewis


“Noble Academy is making a difference in my education, I love all my teachers because they support me with every test and homework assignment. I also like that we can come after school and ask the teacher something we didn’t understand in class. The teachers give details so I can understand what is being taught. They treat us with responsibility. We deserve just as much respect and support as the traditional public schools.” Miya Strother


“I love this school because it gives me all the things I need to know. Noble Academy is making a real difference in my education. I am learning things I didn’t learn at the traditional public school. I am comfortable asking teachers after school for help. I appreciate the teachers because they give me the education and responsibility I deserve. I deserve to be respected from the government as well.” Jaszmin Davis