Dear Noble Academy

“I am very delighted, I made the decision to send my children to Noble Academy Cleveland. Noble Academy has done a wonderful job educating my children using a vast amount of academic methods”  Jermaine Hammond Sr. (Parent of Debra Hammond 2nd, Jermaine Jr. 3rd  grade, Jermele Hammond 1st, Jada Hammond “k”) 


“Attending NAC, my child has not only grown academically but socially. At NAC they strive for academic excellence and take their time to ensure that every child receives the best education to not only prepare them for college but the “real world” Some of the things that makes NAC stand out over CMSD is the small class sizes, teacher, parent, administration involvement, the diversity, and their strive on excellence exceeds my expectation of any school.” Mrs. Weaver ( parent of Alexis Williams, 5th grade)


 “My children attend Noble Academy. We have tried both parochial and public schools. At NAC the teachers recognize children who are gifted and need to be challenged in specific areas. They go the extra mile to ensure that teachers, students, and parents all participate in the learning experiences. Noble Academy also promotes a zero tolerance policy to ensure the learning environment is not hindered. When we found Noble Academy it was a blessing answered. The Noble curriculum and its staff have lived up to our expectations of what an education should be.”   Mr. and Mrs. Coleman ( parent of Aaliyah 2nd  and Ronald 5th )  


“Teachers and staff at Noble Cleveland truly get to know their students. They plan events at their homes and outside events in order to form close relationships with their students and parents. NAC has higher expectations of their students and will take the necessary steps to assist students to reach their fullest potential. Due to a true zero tolerance policy at NAC, students accept differences and special gifts in fellow classmates. All students are  encouraged to respect themselves, fellow students, teachers, and staff.”  Mr. C ( parent of  Makenna 5th and David 7th ) 


“Noble Academy’s school calendar is filled with enriching activities, mostly supported by enthusiastic parents. The teachers have firm curriculum that meets the needs of the students. The teachers also maintain a devoted, cherishing environment for the children. As a parent, I really appreciate everything Noble Academy staff has done for both my child and me. Noble Academy staff, thank you, and continue doing the good work at the school” Jaqueline Benjamin (parent of Robert Lytle 7th grade) 


“We choose NAC for the high academic standards, safe environment, and the individual attention, no student is “lost in the crowd”  Anna Guba ( grandma of Daniel Veenstra 8th grade)


“When I learned of NAC, I was thrilled. I have seen such a remarkable difference in my son. He’s being challenged in all the right ways. He has learned more than I could have ever imagined. At first my son struggled with reading. Thanks to the patient and wonderful staff at NAC, he now reads with enthusiasm and confidence. He has accelerated in all areas. When I take my son to school, I can leave him and not worry about the small things simply because I know he is in wonderful hands.”   Rachia Lucas (parent of William Lucas 1st grade) 


“The children at Noble Academy have teachers who sacrifice their personal time after school and on weekends to ensure the children get the most out of the positive learning environment. Seeing the dedication of NAC’s staff has inspired us as parents to help out in any way we can”   Larry and Michelle Alan; the Parking Police (parents of Phillip Allen 6th grade)