A “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity”

Over the summer vacation, a few of our Noble students, Anaiya Manuel (8th grade), Alexis Williams (7th grade),

Akia Finley (4th grade) and Autumn Manuel (1st grade) had the opportunity to meet the President of the United States, Barack Obama. This picture, that the reporters took, is used in pamphlets and flyers for President Obama’s Ohio Campaign.

Ms. Corrado had an opportunity to talk to Anaiya Manuel and Alexis Williams regarding their experience.

The students reported that it was just an ordinary day at the Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland (located at 6114 Broadway Road). As the girls were waiting to go into the building for cheerleading practice, they noticed police officers, SWAT cars and other people around the building. The ladies were told that the President was in the area and that he had visited Cleveland State University earlier that day. So the students did not think anything about it all the commotion.   The girls entered the building and began to get ready for cheerleading practice.

Anaiya reported that she felt a tap on the back of her shoulder and when she turned around, she saw the President and instantly cried from tears of happiness. Alexis rushed up to the President and hugged him. The girls were overwhelmed with happiness.


Ms. Corrado asked the ladies to describe the experience in a sentence.


Anaiya said ” I thought I did not want to go that day but I am glad I did because I was greatly rewarded with the best birthday present I ever had.”


Alexis said ” It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was fascinating.