Latest Parent Communication Letter

September 23, 2020

Hello Noble Families, 

We have a new survey for you to select Hybrid Learning or continue with 100% Remote Learning for the 2nd Quarter. Use the following link to access the survey:
September 2020 Parent Survey- Hybrid or Remote

Please submit your response by Wednesday, September 30th. 

Thank you for your time and support!

August 14, 2020

Hello Noble Families,

During the week of August 24th, grades 1-8 will hold required virtual family orientation sessions using Zoom. It is very important for parents/guardians to attend a session for each scholar. Families can schedule appointments using SignUp Genius with this link:

Homeroom teachers will hold meetings for grades 1-3 and teacher teams will host meetings for grades 4-8. Please log-in to to see the name of your scholar’s homeroom teacher. If you do not have your scholar’s username and password, please contact the school office. 

Days and times for orientation sessions include:

Monday, 8/24: 10am & 1pm  

Tuesday, 8/25: 10am & 1pm

Wednesday, 8/26: 2pm & 6pm

Thursday, 8/27: 2pm & 6pm

Friday, 8/28: 10am & 1pm 

Chromebooks will be passed out to families at the school building during scheduled times over a few days. Masks are required for any person over 2 years of age entering the school building. 

All new families and scholars who did not receive a Noble Chromebook last year will need to pick up a device. 

Scholars in grades 1 and 2 who kept their Chromebook from last year will need to return it. A new touch-screen Chromebook will be issued for grades K-2. Pick up times for those grades will be on Wednesday, August 19 from 2-6pm. 

Grades 3-8 can pick up their Chromebooks on Friday, August 21st from 11am-3pm and Monday, August 24th from 2pm-6pm. 

During the remote learning time, families are asked to provide basic home supplies, which include paper, pencils, scissors, erasers, crayons. All other necessary specialty items such as watercolor paints, graph paper, base ten blocks, composition notebooks, etc. will be purchased and distributed by the school. When scholars return to in-person learning, Noble Academy will provide all supplies to be used in the building.  

Instruction and assignments will take place online. If internet connection or availability will be a problem for your family, please contact the school office. We will do our best to assist you.

Stay safe and stay well,


August 5, 2020

Hello Noble Families,

This week we are working to create teacher and scholar schedules for remote learning. We understand many families will need support as we again adjust to virtual learning for at least the next couple of months and possibly longer.

Scholars will be meeting with core content teachers 3-5 times a week for Reading/English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Specials teachers will meet with classes about 1-2 times a week. Lessons will be recorded for scholars/families to view at a later time if schedules conflict. However, scholars should attend as many live lessons as possible.

Additionally, we will have specific expectations for attendance during virtual lessons, participation in classes, and communication from scholars and parents/guardians. This information will be shared at the orientation sessions in the coming weeks. We hope to have sign-ups available by next week.

Please take the time to answer the following questions using this link Family Input- Hours of Instruction Survey. Responses are appreciated by Friday, August 7th.

Thank you for your time and ongoing support!



August 3, 2020

Dear Noble Families,

We hope you enjoyed your weekend. Today, we have a very important announcement regarding Noble Academy’s plans for the start of the school year. On July 30, the Cuyahoga County Board of Health recommended that schools return remotely for the Fall, citing increasing cases and COVID-19 positivity rates here in our county. Euclid City Schools made an announcement on July 31st that their district would be fully remote for the first quarter, likewise, Noble Academy will alter the plans and have our scholars learn at-home in a virtual environment for at least the first marking period which ends on October 30th.

All families, even those who did not sign up for the 100% virtual learning, will now participate in online learning for at least the first quarter (August 31-October 30).

We know firsthand that direct in-person interaction is best for learning and socialization, but the health of our scholars, families, and staff is our top priority.  We have been preparing for the possibility of virtual learning for months, and we are confident our dedicated teachers will provide quality virtual education for our students.

​In the next couple of weeks, we will have information available regarding orientation sessions which are mandatory for all families. These meetings will cover important procedures for Chromebook and technology use, attendance for online learning, as well as class schedules and overview of expectations for assignment completion.  

We are in this together.  Please stay well and stay safe, Noble Knights!

Thank you, 

Noble Academy



July 29, 2020

Dear Noble Families,

We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during these warm summer days. Thank you to those families who have submitted their Learning Option Preference form. Please do your best to complete the survey by Friday, July 31st, and make your selection for 100% virtual or in-person learning. After Friday, August 7th, open spots for in-person learning will be filled by new enrolled scholars on our waitlist.

We appreciate the questions and concerns families have shared on the completed forms, and would like to share a few updates and clarifications. 

  1. In-person learning hours are 7:55am- 1:40pm. Dismissal is earlier than previous years to allow teachers to prepare lessons for all learners and hold virtual class sessions. Regular school uniforms are required for in-person learning. 
  2. No after-school activities (clubs, tutoring, sports) will be held at this time. Teachers are working on ideas for their classes including virtual field trips and such. Our CYSP Department Head for Concept Schools is also working on a plan, but we do not have the details yet. 
  3. K-8 scholars attending in-person learning will have scheduled bathroom and hand sanitizing breaks. Maintenance staff will have scheduled cleaning times throughout the day. Also, temperatures will be taken upon arrival at school and prior to lunch. Scholars should bring personal water bottles (clear plastic) as fountains will be closed. Refilling stations will be installed in the near future.  
  4. The lunch schedule is changing so that fewer scholars are in the cafeteria in a single period with 6 ft social distancing assigned seats. Scholars will not be permitted to move around during lunch. Some classes will eat in their classrooms. Most breakfasts will be eaten in the classrooms. All surfaces will be sanitized between sessions. Packed lunches are permitted. School lunches will still be available for all families. 
  5. Scholars will not transfer classes. Unfortunately, it is too difficult to do this and ensure safety. Scholars will take their classes in their homerooms and teachers will rotate. There may be an exception for a special class, on occasion, if it can be done safely.
  6. After receiving parent input, Noble Academy will purchase sleeves to provide padding for the Chromebooks. Personal bookbags are now permitted. Please be mindful of the sizes of bags as all belongings will be kept at scholars’ desks. Scholars will not have the use of lockers to store items.
  7. Regular school supplies do not need to be purchased by families (notebooks, crayons, folders, etc.) for in-school use. Noble Academy will be providing classroom materials and supplies for all in-person instruction on a quarterly basis and these items will remain in the building. Scholars will have storage bins provided at their desks to store supplies and personal items.
  8. We will not be using the gym until further notice. Physical Education will be a virtual class for all scholars. For this reason, gym uniforms are not needed. K-5 scholars will meet with Mr. Wright once a week in their classroom for a check-in.
  9. Breakfast and lunch will be available for pick-up for 100% virtual learners. Families will need to sign up in advance. 
  10. Virtual instruction will follow the same lesson plan as in-school instruction. Our goal is to have the two work together, so if a time does come that we have to move to 100% remote learning, all of our scholars will be at the same point in the curriculum.
  11. Virtual learning sessions will use Zoom, Google Meets, and Google Classroom. Strict attendance requirements will be in place for virtual school for the 2020-2021 school year. Those details will be shared during family orientation.
  12. Since the first day of instruction was moved to Monday, August 31st, the first quarter will now end Friday, October 30th. 100% virtual learning families are requested to remain in this option until that time.  
  13. A schedule of virtual class sessions with teachers will be shared as soon as it is finalized. 
  14. If Euclid City Schools changes to remote learning based on orders from Governor DeWine, then Noble Academy will also move to remote learning (from home) for all scholars.  
  15. If a scholar or teacher becomes ill, our protocols will strictly follow the local health department guidelines. Teachers with COVID-19 symptoms, like scholars, will not be permitted to come to school. We will utilize quarantines as recommended by the Ohio Health Department. Also, keeping scholars in “cohorts” will allow us, hopefully, to quarantine those who need and not have to close the whole school. If there is a positive test, we must report to the health department and they will instruct us as to how to proceed.

Please see the attached chart for summaries of information on in-person and 100% virtual learning options. 

Again, if you have not yet made your selection, please be sure to complete the Learning Option Preference form by Friday, July 31st. Thank you for your patience and support during this unprecedented time. 

Stay safe and stay well,

Noble Academy

Ohio code LEVEL 1 Ohio code LEVEL 2 or 3 Ohio code LEVEL 4
K-8 attend 4-5 Days a week
Safety protocols and 3 ft distancing
K-5 attend 2-4 days a week
6-8 attend 2 days a week
Adjusted bell schedule
Safety Protocols and 4-6ft distancing
100% Remote learning
Scholars work remotely from home
Health checks, including temperature, assessment at home by everyone before attending school Health checks, including temperature, assessment at home and at school by everyone before entering school Breakfast/Lunch grab and go at select buildings
Face coverings required for all entering the building Face coverings required for all entering the building Attendance taken daily during Zoom/teacher interactions
Distancing guidelines followed with 6 ft when possible and 3 ft in classrooms Distancing guidelines followed with 6 ft when possible and 4-6 ft in classrooms Special Education services may be adjusted
Hand sanitizer available in every classroom Hand sanitizer available in every classroom No school-related extra-curricular activities or sports
Cleaning supplies to sanitize will be available throughout the day Cleaning supplies to sanitize will be available throughout the day  
Cafeteria and classrooms may be used for lunch/breakfast to ensure proper distancing Cafeteria and classrooms used for lunch/breakfast to ensure proper distancing  
Water fountains closed (scholars will be able to bring water bottles and touchless water refill stations will be available on each floor) Water fountains closed (scholars will be able to bring water bottles and touchless water refill stations will be available on each floor)  
No visitors or volunteers – all scholars must enter the building unaccompanied No visitors or volunteers – all scholars must enter the building unaccompanied  
No shared scholar supplies No shared scholar supplies  
No lockers, scholars will use backpacks No lockers, scholars will use backpacks  
One way hallways when possible One way hallways when possible  
No field trips No field trips  
No large scholar group events No after school activities or sports  
Regular movement from class to class with a staggered schedule Special Education services may be adjusted  
Physical Ed classes and recess will use playgrounds and gym with safety protocols Very limited to no movement from class to class  
All office/classroom visits for business, meetings and conferences by appointment through Zoom Gym and recess equipment will not be used. Gym class will be virtual. Elementary scholars will have carefully supervised, outdoor and indoor playtime with safety protocols.  
  Revised pick up and drop off procedures   
This option is for families who want to commit to a full quarter of on-line coursework.
Full online learning platform using Google Classroom grades 2-8, and Seesaw for K-1.
Zoom and/or Google Meet used for live classes and teacher/scholar interactions in all grades.
Noble Academy educators will monitor and meet with scholars remotely to check on progress.
Scholars will be expected to attend live classes and complete daily/weekly assignments.
Virtual curriculum will coincide with in-person learning.
Breakfast and lunch available for pick up. Families will need to sign up for scheduled pickups.



July 22, 2020

Dear Noble Families,

Thank you for your support and understanding during this unprecedented time. The safety and education of the scholars of Noble Academy are our top priorities. Using survey feedback, guidance from Governor DeWine and the Ohio Department of Education, and working with our staff and administrators, the following plan has been created. Please note every family will have the option to make a choice that fits their comfort level and preference regarding the learning environment for their scholar(s). Orientation sessions will take place later in August and more information will follow. Families will be required to attend on-site or virtual orientation sessions. Monday, August 31st, will be the start of the academic year for scholars participating in in-person and virtual learning.

100% Virtual At-Home Learning

We realize and understand many families are hesitant to send scholars to the school building at this time. Noble Academy will be offering a 100% virtual learning option for the 2020-2021 school year. This online program will align with the Ohio Learning Standards curriculum and instruction will be provided by Noble Academy teachers with proper content and grade-level certification.

Scholars in grades kindergarten through eighth grade will be provided a Chromebook, and any necessary textbooks and workbooks to complete daily assignments. Teachers will hold virtual classes and online help sessions. Regular participation in class meetings, and completion of classwork will be required for attendance and grading purposes.

Grades K and 1 will utilize Seesaw as the learning platform for assignments. Grades 2-8 will use Google Classroom as the learning platform to communicate with scholars and assign work.

While Noble Academy administration, teachers, and health associations such as the American Association of Pediatrics, believe in-person learning is best for our scholars, this virtual at-home learning program will be a quality alternative for families.

If online learning is selected for a scholar, families will have until August 14, 2020 to change the placement if an open spot is available for in-person learning. Once the school year begins, families are requested to remain in 100% virtual at-home learning until the end of the 1st Quarter.   

In-Person Learning

Noble Academy will hold classes in the building four days a week for Kindergarten through 5th grade and two days a week for grades 6-8. All grade levels will also have an hour of virtual assignments and online help sessions after their in-person learning day. Depending on grade level, scholars may participate in 1 to 3 days of virtual learning in combination with their in-person learning.     

  • Grades K-5 will attend in-person instruction on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Virtual learning will take place on Wednesdays for all K-5 scholars. 
  • Grade 6 will attend in-person instruction in the building on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Virtual learning will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
  • Grade 7 will attend in-person instruction in the building on Wednesdays and Fridays. Virtual learning will take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.
  • Grade 8 will attend in-person instruction in the building on Mondays and Wednesdays. Virtual learning will take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 


Please fill out the Google Form making your selection of 100% Virtual At-Home or In-Person Learning by Friday, July 31st. If you do not complete the form by this date, we will assume you would like to enroll your scholar(s) in in-person learning.  

If you are having difficulty making a decision for 100% virtual at-home learning, or in-person instruction, please contact the school office or administrators to discuss your concerns.

Stay well and stay safe, 

Noble Academy



July 17, 2020

Dear Noble Families,

We hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable summer so far. We continue to structure our back to school plan for the 20-21 school year by balancing the health, safety, and academic concerns of our scholars and staff. Please take note of the following updates.

  • Regular school supplies and/or a book bag do not need to be purchased by families (notebooks, crayons, folders, etc.) for in-school use. Because we are trying to reduce touchpoints and materials carried from home to school, you will NOT need to purchase school supplies or a book bag for the coming school year. Noble Academy will be providing classroom materials and supplies for all in-person instruction on a quarterly basis and these items will remain in the building. Additionally, a drawstring bag will be given out to carry Chromebooks home and to school. The lockers in the classrooms will not be used. Scholars will have storage bins provided at their desks to store supplies and personal items, as well as hang their drawstring bag. Depending on the school budget and funding, an affordable supply fee may be charged to families at a later time. 

The parents will continue to provide the supplies that may be needed at home such as papers, pencils, etc for their scholars.

  • Face masks must be worn by scholars in grades K-8 and staff when 6 feet social distancing cannot be maintained.When scholars are appropriately distanced in the classrooms, masks can be removed. We do ask that families provide 2-3 fabric face masks for their scholars. Also, clear or see-through water bottles will be permitted as water fountains will be out of service.
  • After-school activities (clubs, tutoring, or sports) and field trips will not take place.We recognize the value in these after-school programs, but for the safety of scholars, their families, and our staff members such organized activities are suspended.
  • Grades K-5 will attend in-person instruction 4 days a week, and 1 day online. 
    Grades 6, 7, and 8 will alternate days of in-person instruction 2 days a week, and 3 days online.
    Noble Academy is working very hard to create a schedule that focuses on the best interests for learning, as well as safety. Our current plan takes into consideration Cuyahoga County’s current risk level. We are trying our best to not exclude any whole grade from attending in-person instruction. We plan to provide a minimum of 2 days of instruction in the building.
  • Distance learning is a possibility if risk levels continue to increase in Cuyahoga County.Due to the increasing severity of risk levels in Cuyahoga county, a strong possibility exists that more distance learning may need to occur. We are awaiting guidance from the county and state to make such decisions.

A 100% virtual option will be available to families who are not yet ready for their scholar(s) to return to the school building. We hope to send a finalized school plan to you next week and ask you to select an option between in-person and virtual learning for the first semester of school.

Thank you for your continued support, questions, and feedback.

Stay well and stay safe, 

Noble Academy



July 8, 2020

Dear Noble Families,

Last week, the state and the Ohio Department of Education shared updates for reopening schools. Additionally, Governor DeWine stated the American Association of Pediatrics indicated it is better for scholars’ health to learn in school, as opposed to online learning. Noble Academy is diligently working to create a plan that takes into account all necessary health and safety procedures, and your feedback. Thank you for providing your thoughtful input in our school survey. The safety of our scholars and staff are of the utmost importance as we implement the required guidelines from the Governor, which include the items below: 

  • Guideline 1: Vigilantly assess symptoms and health conditions of scholars and educators
  • Guideline 2: Encourage hand washing and sanitization to reduce the spread
  • Guideline 3: Thoroughly clean and sanitize surfaces to prevent the spread
  • Guideline 4: Practice social distancing 
  • Guideline 5: Every school must develop a face-covering policy

While we won’t be able to resume school as normal this fall, we do have an opportunity to intentionally design a school plan that protects health and safety and that is also fair, just and equitable.

What we have determined so far is the following:

  • August 18 will be the first day of school.
  • Each Noble Academy scholar will be provided a Chromebook. This means each scholar will be provided a piece of technology to assist in their educational growth and development.
  • Because so many modifications to safety procedures and learning practices are necessary for the coming school year, scholars and families will need to attend an orientation session between August 10-17. These informative meetings will explain updated safety procedures to meet the required guidelines from the state and ODE. In addition, guidance will be provided on how to use and care for Chromebooks, as well as at-home strategies to help your child maximize their learning. Scholars who kept their Chromebook over summer must bring their device to this session. Tech support will be available during this time.

We are finalizing our plans and will soon formally announce the plan for the 2020-2021 School Year. The announcement will come in mid-July. At that time, we will share Noble’s safety and health guidelines and expectations for scholars and families. Additionally, families will choose between either our in-school learning or 100% virtual at-home learning option.

The scenarios being considered are:

  • 100% Virtual (online) at-home learning 
  • Building reopening, and typical in-school learning resuming with an adjusted schedule in a 4 or 5-day format
    • With 4-6 feet social distancing, Noble can accommodate about 75% of our enrollment in the building. If a higher percentage of scholars choose in-person learning, other options may be necessary. These possibilities include, but are not limited to a hybrid option that may include 2 full days at school and 3 days of online learning at home and/or 8th grade participating in 100% virtual at-home learning. 

Because public health conditions and related guidance are likely to continue to change throughout the fall, we will need to be ready to shift between these kinds of scenarios throughout the school year. With this uncertainty in mind, we are being thoughtful in our planning for our entire school community.

Your patience and cooperation in helping to adapt to the necessary changes for the coming school year is greatly appreciated. The teachers and staff look forward to your active participation and partnership to ensure the success of your scholar(s) during this unprecedented time.

Stay well and stay safe, 

Noble Academy

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